Dynamic Dietetics, Inc.


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We provide individual and group counseling with a registered dietitian for all nutrition-related conditions including, but not limited to:

Celiac Disease (Gluten-free diet)
Eating Disorders
Children’s Program
Food Allergies
Gastrointestinal Disorders
Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol and Lipids
Weight Management

A referral from a physician is not required to see one of our dietitians, but having a referral may increase chances of getting insurance reimbursement.  Another advantage of getting a referral is that the dietitian will be communicating and working with your physician.

Generally a first time visit will last about an hour.  Follow-up visits are usually shorter and are highly recommended to answer questions and reinforce new eating behaviors.

Preparing for Your Initial Visit

Dietitians are trained to examine your eating habits, including where, when and what you eat.  They then individualize your meal plan and nutrition counseling to help you be successful in making difficult lifestyle changes and clear up any confusion or questions you may have.  The more information you can provide the dietitian, the more help they can give you. 

Most of us do not remember what we eat, so keeping a food record for a week and bringing it to your appointment is very helpful to the dietitian. Simply record everything you eat or drink and the time of day and, if possible, the portion size. 

Also, be prepared to answer questions regarding health issues, exercise intensity, stressful situations and any other concerns  or issues you may have regarding your nutritional needs.



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